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Our aim is to meet the needs of communities in education, basic physical and emotional needs, and medical care so as to sustain and improve life. We believe that Jesus Christ is the author of true life and that we are His hands and feet to minister to those in need. Today we partner alongside trusted leaders in the Ukraine and Kakamega, Kenya.

A Taste of Kenya, June 2008


Ukraine Trip
The trip to Kiev in April was a wonderful success with many miraculous meetings once again! The unregistered Pentecostals have invited Bob to be on their education Board for the entire former Soviet Union. Dr. Don Vance came along to teach and will now help us partner with Oral Roberts University to create a sister university program for guidance and growth of pastoral training for this body of believers formed in the suffering and persecution of Communism.

Kenyan Upheavals
The crisis in Kenya has calmed down, but its affects will be felt for years. Many people have been forced away from Nairobi and the Rift Valley area and have come back to their family homes in the rural areas where there is not enough sanitation, food, or water to provide for everyone. Most of our orphans have gotten back to school safely and are working hard. Fear and the lack of supplies has inhibited the children and caretakers, but they are pressing on. Please be praying for the health and wellbeing of all tribes affected by the uprising and that peace would come to Kenya as resolutions are being made.


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